I believe in your natural healing capacities

and provide support and insight to help you discover and inhabit your highest, most loving self.

I co-create healing experiences.

Your needs are our guide. We won’t just treat your symptoms. Instead, we will search for causes and treat your mind, body and spirit as a whole. I use a relational, psychodynamic therapeutic approach to identify patterns and systemic issues presenting in your world and your relationships. I then get integrative and offer you individualized treatments that meld mindfulness, body oriented psychotherapy, breathwork, meditation, Eastern philosophy and other holistic informed practices from across cultures and times.

I practice what I preach.

I had to embark on my own healing journey — ok, journeys — in order to know what’s on the other side. So I’ve been where you sit. We’re in this together. You’ll feel my curiosity, warmth, my use of humor, the sound of my New York background, and my commitment to working with you through the muck in order to emerge feeling evolved, empowered and inspired to inhabit who you truly are.

We begin where you're at.

Whether you’re in the midst of a life change, emotional distress, experiencing conflicts in your relationships, finding your way with your family, struggling with a physical health issue, experiencing a loss, processing a trauma, looking to revitalize, or needing strategies for something else specific, all of you is welcome here.

Who am I, anyway?

I’m a design-loving, culture and travel-inspired psychotherapist who is passionate about helping people find health and wholeness in themselves and in their relationships. I have been a student for over 20 years, learning at New York University, the Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Psychotherapy, the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and Prema Yoga Brooklyn. I have worked in various settings including hospitals, universities and outpatient clinics as both therapist and supervisor, and previously in digital media publishing, collecting bits of wisdom from each path. (CV available upon request.)